South Africa’s COVID-19 Cases Rise to 1462

Picture: Twitter, @DrZweliMkhize

According to Minister of Health, Dr. Zweli Mkhize, the total number of coronavirus cases in South Africa has increased from 1353 to 1462.

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize was reported to be with the COVID-19 task team at the Universitas Hospital in the Free State when he revealed the updated number.

“We want to say to our people we can fight this infection. We can defeat it. We need to flatten the curve,” said Dr. Mkhize.

He continued saying, “That is going to be very important for us. People stay at home when asked to create social distancing, wear masks and wash/disinfect hands regularly.”

Mkhize reportedly said there are currently hospital beds and equipment are available and said he is very encouraged by the news.