South Africans Stuck at Frankfurt Airport After their Repatriation Flight gets Cancelled Halfway

Picture: Facebook, @Nteboheng Phooko

Up to 6 South African citizens have been stranded at the Frankfurt airport after the SA government allegedly cancelled their repatriation flight halfway through.

On Monday Nteboheng Phooko shared the news in a post on Facebook hoping to get more eyes on their situation and in that way put pressure on the South African government to help bring them home.

Sleeping at the airport
Picture: Facebook, @Nteboheng Phooko

Despite offers of accommodation from good samaritans near the airport, Phooko says they cannot leave the airport because they do not have Visas and German lockdown regulations do not allow it. However, she says the airport Chaplain has been really kind to them, helping to keep their spirits up.

They have yet to receive any feedback from DIRCO after numerous requests for information has been sent.

Meanwhile, reports say over 200 SA citizens who had been stranded in Asia and the Middle East, arrived at the OR Tambo international airport on Friday and are now in quarantine facilities.

DIRCO says 3400 of the 3637 South Africans who originally indicated they want to be repatriated, have been brought home.