Seven People Killed In Bonteheuwel in Just One Week


As of Monday 8 June, a total number of 7 people were killed in Bonteheuwel in just a week.

The latest victim of gang violence was a 23-year-old man who was shot and killed in Smalblaar Street on Monday evening. Another man was reportedly shot dead in Karee Street on the same day, many suspect that the shooting is a case of mistaken identity.

In recent weeks gang violence in Bonteheuwel has seen a massive surge. Ward councillor Angus Mckenzie says the release of inmates as a result of overcrowding in jails could be the leading cause.

Last week, a father and his two-year-old son were killed in a drive-by as gang members opened fire while he was cradling his son. The father collapsed into a nearby yard where his body was recovered, his son later died in hospital.

In a separate incident, while an illegal soccer match was in play on a soccer field, a man lost his life when a vehicle drove past and opened fire. Law enforcement officers have since had no choice but to enforce lockdown more harshly in the area to help curb the killings.

According to Mckenzie, innocent members of the community are the ones who unfortunately fall victim to these attacks. Police presence is therefor needed to control the surge of violence in the community. Mckenzie says they are currently not visible enough in the area.

The casings taken from crime scenes show that gang members are using new ammunition. Just a few months prior, the area was stable and peaceful, but recently it has returned to a state of chaos and violence.

Bonteheuwel gangs seem to be battling for turf and innocent residents are losing their lives as the war continues.