Seven People Killed and Two Injured in Gugulethu Shooting

Picture: Twitter, @Artii_M

Seven people were killed and two injured in a shooting at a home in Gugulethu, Cape Town on Monday evening. 

According to reports, a preliminary investigation indicates that three women and four men between the ages of 30 and 40 were shot and killed by unknown gunmen at NY 78. Two other victims were reportedly injured and taken to a medical facility.

Journalist Athi Mtongana was on the scene and reported that some of the bodies were found lying in the backyard. The deceased reportedly tried to run away.

Mtongana says, “Western Cape Organised Crime detectives with other crime scene experts are on the scene combing for clues”.

This is a developing story.


  1. Is law enforcement capable of maintaining law and order in the townships?

    Is the Provincial Government actually attempting to irradicate decades of mismanagement, or have they no clue of the root problems still plaguing a fractured system of migration continuously putting strain on housing requirements, impacting schools with 65+ in most schools?

    Sad about the loss of lives…

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