Senegal Develops $1 Testing Kits and 3D-Printed Ventilators

Source: Pixabay

At the Senegalese research centre, Institut Pasteur de Dakar, scientists have developed a $1 Coronavirus testing kit and 3D-printed ventilators produced locally.

The testing kits were developed in collaboration with British biotech company, Mologic. The research centre noted that the testing kits will allow people to test themselves at home. It works by using saliva or a blood sample. The test is similar to a pregnancy test as, after ten minutes, a bloodline will appear to indicate whether or not the COVID-19 antibody is present.

Senegalese engineers have also used 3D technology to print ventilators which will cost about $60 to produce as opposed to the $16 000 of imported ventilators.

The testing kits are in its final evaluation stage and distribution will start in June. They will also be distributed to other African countries to assist in their fight against the virus.

Currently, Senegal has 735 confirmed cases, 284 recoveries and 9 deaths related to COVID-19.