Scottish student critical following rhino attack in Zululand game reserve

Photo by Timothy K on Unsplash
A Scottish student has been critically injured on Wednesday following an encounter with a black rhino, at a private game reserve in Northern Zululand.

The game ranger student was on foot in the reserve to complete a training exercise when the rhino became aware of his presence. The young Scot ran into the bushes, however, he could not escape the rhino. He was gored, trampled, and left bloodied and unconscious after the violent altercation.

IPSS Medical Rescue was contacted and a search and rescue operation was initiated by IPSS Search and Rescue as well as anti-poaching units in the area. The student was located and preparations for evacuation were initiated.

The student was stabilized before being transported in a critical condition by road, by KZN Private EMS.

According to reports, the student is still fighting for his life.