SASSA Starts Double Payments for June and July

Picture: Twitter: @The_DSD

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) says it has begun with double payments to the recipients of the outstanding June & July R350 grants.

On Wednesday the agency said in a statement, “This is meant to avoid a situation where beneficiaries of the COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress grant have to make two trips to the Post Office and to eradicate the backlog of payments,”.

It said that the move has been met with much appreciation and excitement on social media platforms. 

These double payments are reportedly already in the process of being transferred into the recipients’ bank accounts starting this week. “Payments for those who receive their money through the Post Office will be done progressively throughout the month to try and limit the numbers of people at the Post Offices on a daily basis.”

However, the agency is pleading with the beneficiaries who do not have bank accounts and will receive their money at the Post Office to only go there once they have received an SMS confirming that their money is ready for collection.

The agency also revealed that it has already reconsidered applications made in May against updated databases received resulting in an estimated 1 million additional applicants being approved for the special allowance. 

“This will drastically reduce the number of potential appeals and will also cushion the affected beneficiaries against the current impact of the lockdown,” SASSA added.

The grant is meant to help those who are unemployed without receiving any other financial assistance.