SA’s New Affordable Airline Launches Soon but First, It Needs a Name


A new affordable airline inspired by Uber will launch in SA later this year and the founders have invited South Africans to name the carrier.

Kulula-founder Gidon Novick partnered with Global Aviation, a leading operator of Airbus A320 aircraft, bringing together years of industry experience and fresh tech. The first flight between Johannesburg and Cape Town is planned for December 2020.

Novick told MyBroadband, “The pandemic has created a unique opportunity to start an airline that is not only dramatically more efficient but also inventive and creative by tapping into the unique talent that our country offers,”.

“Similar to the way Uber has transformed the point-to-point mobility, there is a huge opportunity for the airline industry to rethink its relationship with passengers and be more ‘customer obsessed’.

According to reports, will have no debt as it is privately funded. The airline will launch with used leased or purchased outright aircraft.

“These will mainly be narrow-body, single-aisle aircraft with around 180 seats, like the Boeing 737 or Airbus A320”.

Name It and Win

South Africans have been asked ‘to put their creativity to the test’ and suggest a name for the new carrier. The team wants a name that is unique, aspirational, and cool. Ideally it should be easy to say and memorable.

The winner will be announced before 9 October and the winner will receive a year’s free travel pass.


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