SABC Wants TV License to Apply To Other Devices and Streaming Sites Such as Netflix


In a presentation to the Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Communications, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) said it wants to expand the use of the TV license in order to generate revenue.

The Deputy Communications Minister Pinky Kekana, presented the proposal saying, “the expanded definition of a TV licence is outdated and needs to be adjusted to current realities”. Some of the proposals to expand the definition of the TV license include getting pay-TV services such as Multichoice, Netflix and Showmax to collect TV licences on behalf of the SABC.

Another proposal reportedly was that those subscription broadcasters with more than 30 channels should no longer be able to air the 3 SABC channels for free, but should instead negotiate a price to broadcast these channels. It may also become compulsory to have a TV licence to use other devices such as a smartphone or laptop.

The proposal also sighted that the SABC wants to buy national sports rights at an ‘affordable price’.