SA Consumers Can Expect Petrol Price Increase Come July


On 1 July, South Africans can expect to see an increase in petrol and diesel prices.

During the lockdown, the country has seen the cost of petrol and diesel drop tremendously. However, as the lockdown has swiftly eased in and there are more people heading back to work and school life seems to be heading back to normal and so is the fuel prices.

Reports from the Automobile Association say mid-month data from the Central Energy Fund has pointed out that the petrol prices will increase by around R1.59 a litre, while diesel looks set to go up by R1.48 and illuminating paraffin by R1.94.

“Oil is continuing its march back towards its previous levels in the first half of June, setting the scene for further hefty fuel price hikes going into July”.

“The basic fuel price used in South Africa has jumped by 8% since 1 June, with higher peaks, as international oil prices claw back some of the massive declines of the past four months,” the AA says.