SA Announces New Regulations for Coffee Manufacturers


In a world full of variables, a good cup of coffee has always been the constant. People take their coffee very seriously and for many, it’s definitely about the rise and grind. The saying “Life begins after coffee” has proven to be a motto taken to heart by coffee lovers worldwide.

It must, however, be noted, that brand new regulations pertaining to coffee has been published by the South African government and it indicates what can and cannot be regarded as coffee.

The new amendments are valid as of Friday 30 October 2020 and were issued by the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development. It was gazetted and contains the new prerequisites.

The re-drafting of the requirements means that some of South Africa’s beloved brands, that have pretty much been a part of the family for generations; will not be classified as coffee anymore. Products in the categories “mixed coffee” or “coffee mixture” must contain 75% ground coffee.

As a result of these amendments, a new category called “chicory and coffee mixture” was introduced. This category makes allowance for products containing 50% chicory.

Products such as Ricoffy contains only 32,5% chicory and therefore doesn’t contain the sufficient ground coffee to qualify under either heading, according to Business Insider editor, Helena Wasserman.

Wasserman said, “when the rules kick in, Ricoffy will have to make a plan…If they don’t change their ingredients, what will they call themselves? A hot drink, maybe?”.

After various draft regulations regarding caffeine content and taste were proposed, these amendments have been officially issued.