Robertson father sentenced to 25 years after murdering 4-month-old baby

According to reports, a Robertson man was sentenced to 25 years in prison after admitting that he assaulted his 4-month-old daughter, Ashmee-lee Stallenberg, because she was crying. 

The man, 22-year-old Ashwynne Kortjie, was reportedly first charged with murder and child abuse, however, the child abuse charge was later withdrawn. Kortjie entered into a plea and sentencing agreement with the State, in which he said Ashmee-Lee was left in hiscare on 19 November 2019. He confirmed that he and the baby’s mother were no longer together.

According to reports, Kortjie gave full details of the incident in his plea. It reportedly read: “While the baby was lying on the bed, the accused pushed her on her ribs. With both hands he applied pressure on to her ribs. The baby continued to cry even more than before,”.

“The accused could not deal with the incessant crying and grabbed the victim by her arm. He broke her arm. The crying continued. The accused tried to calm the baby by feeding her with her bottle. She however continued to cry. The accused, with force, hit her twice on her chest with his fists. The deceased stopped crying and her eyes closed.”

Kortjie reportedly left the baby and went to his neighbour for help, his neighbour, in turn, reported the baby deceased, this lead to Kortjie’s arrest.


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