Road Traffic Officials Are On High Alert

Forty-six drunk drivers were arrested in the Western Cape over the weekend.

The highest breath alcohol level was 1.11mg/1000ML recorded in Mossel Bay, this is four times over the legal limit. According to News24, these arrests were made on Friday and Saturday last week.

KwaZulu-Natal reported 81 arrests since the 1st of December and over the 16 December long weekend another motorist was arrested for being 13 times over the limit with a 1.33mg/l reading. The death rate on our roads over the long weekend alone was 11.

Records from the 1st of December show 43 706 vehicles stopped and checked with a reported 3745 written charges. A total of 967 drivers were charged with speeding and 285 for driving without a license.

According to Western Cape officials, they have no other choice but to intensify their Festive Season Safety campaign, which was launched at the start of December 2019. Officials warn that those who continue to undermine the state will face the full consequences of the law. Road Safety Officers have been deployed on all major roads, implementing a zero-tolerance policy for drunk drivers. Roadblocks are set throughout the Western Cape targeting all degrees of crime including vehicles that aren’t roadworthy, overloaded vehicles, distractive driving, drinking and driving, illegal drugs, illegal firearms, and illegal immigrants.

According to News24, “Law Enforcement agencies will be shutting down all unlicensed liquor outlets in the province. Those with licenses will also be monitored to ensure adherence to licensing provisions and the law.”