Regulations Issued as Part of the Disaster Management Act to Curb the Spread of COVID-19


According to the Disaster Management Act of 2002, the regulations below, which affect the people of SA, are set out to curb the spread of COVID-19 before the Nationwide Lockdown.

Release of resources

  • The Department of Defence must release and mobilise any available resources including manpower, stores, equipment, ships, aircraft platforms, vehicles and facilities to make sure that the essential services are delivered.

Prevention and prohibition of gatherings

  • No more than 100 people are allowed to gather in one space.
  • No more than 50 people are allowed to gather at a place where alcohol is sold.

Refusal of medical examination, prophylaxis, treatment, isolation, and quarantine

  • No one who has been clinically confirmed to have COVID-19 or even suspected of having COVID-19, or has been in contact with a carrier of COVID-19 is allowed to refuse consent to an enforcement officer.
  • No one is allowed to refuse a medical examination, to go into quarantine/isolation or go for mandatory prophylaxis, treatment, isolation or quarantine.

Spreading fake news

  • Anyone that spreads fake news about COVID-19 will be liable for prosecution.

Closure of schools

  • Schools and educational facilities closed on 18 March until 15 April this period may be extended for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Places of quarantine and isolation

  • The Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure must indicate and make available sites, in each province, for quarantine/isolation as it becomes necessary.

Suspension of visits

  • No person is allowed to visit correctional centres, remand detention facilities, holding cells, military detention facilities and the Department of Social Development facilities including Child and Youth Care Centres, shelters, etc for 30 days.

Limitation on the sale, dispensing or transportation of liquor

  • All places that sell alcohol including taverns, restaurants, and clubs should accommodate 50 persons or less if adequate space is available or be closed with immediate effect.
  • All places that provide accommodation and sell liquor must make sure it has is adequate available space, proper hygienic conditions in place and little exposure to COVID-19.

If anyone violates these regulations they may be imprisoned or fined.