On Wednesday eNCA reported that a group called the Queer Radical Feminist Activist Collective have occupied a mansion in Camps Bay Cape Town in an effort to bring attention to their cause.

Their focus reportedly being inequalities including discrimination against the Queer community, lack of land and gender-based violence.

Speaking to eNCA, Vatheka Nohabe said, they want to compare Camps Bay, also one of Cape Town’s wealthiest suburbs, to the township. “In the townships, whenever we need police vans, we are told they don’t have enough, but here you only press one button and a van will arrive. This shows that South Africa has two sides.”

According to reports, the property managers want the group out by Thursday. They revealed in a statement that the group did not divulge their true intentions when they booked the accommodation. Turnkey365 Villas and Apartment Management reportedly have other guests booked in the house for the coming weekend.

The group says it’s not engaged in a direct fight with the homeowner.