Prison Break at Old Malmesbury Prison


The Malmesbury Correctional Centre has been on a massive manhunt for prisoners awaiting trial who fled on foot towards the town centre from the Medium B section opposite the police station on Friday.

According to correctional services spokesperson Logan Maistry, the search operation includes the Department of Correctional Services, the local SAPS and officers from neighbouring stations on the West Coast.

“The search party including detectives, on foot and in vehicles, has already covered much ground with the rearrest of several escapees,” he confirmed in a joint statement issued with police. The number of missing inmates still on the loose is unknown.

“As the search intensifies, additional support will be summoned,” Maistry said. “Meanwhile, an investigation is underway to determine how the escape occurred.”

Police warn that the public should not apprehend the escapees.

Anyone with information on their whereabouts is urged to phone Malmesbury police’s Lieutenant Colonel Ntsethe on 082 469 0975 or Jonathan Bredenkamp on 072 878 2685.

This is a developing story.