President Ramaphosa Is in Self-Isolation After Possible Exposure


President Ramaphosa is in self-isolation after possible exposure to the Covid-19 virus.

On Saturday evening President Ramaphosa attended a fundraising dinner hosted by the Adopt-a-School Foundation, a partner entity to the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation. The dinner was held at a Johannesburg hotel.

There were 35 guests in attendance, one of which has now tested positive for the Covid-19 virus resulting in the President’s necessary isolation period. The event reportedly had all the Covid-19 safety protocols in place, which included screening, social distancing and wearing masks. Guests only removed masks while they were dining or as speakers addressing the audience.

According to reports the infected guest started showing symptoms on Sunday. The guest was tested on Monday 26 October and, after receiving the positive results on Tuesday, duly informed all other guests who were in attendance at the event.

Showing no symptoms

Acting Presidency spokesperson Tyrone Seale said, “The President is showing no symptoms at this time and will, in line with Covid-19 health advise, be tested should symptoms manifest”. According to a statement by the Presidency, Ramaphosa will continue to work remotely and wished the infected guest a safe and speedy recovery.