President Cyril Ramaphosa Says People are Welcome to Approach Courts

Picture: Twitter, @PresidencyZA

In a letter released on Monday, President Cyril Ramaphosa said that people and organisations are within their democratic right to take legal action if they are unhappy about a regulation put in place.

The President writes that in the last seven weeks, there have been multiple cases opened against the constitutionality of some of the regulations implemented during the lockdown. These have been from individuals, religious organisations, political parties, non-governmental organisations and other corporate bodies.

Ramaphosa says that while he would like for it to be avoided, it is given that people would seek legal avenues to challenge some decisions that they do not agree with. He further writes that the government has its information available that proves the constitutionality of each measure it has implemented and welcomes the resistance against the government.

“To the contrary, criticism, where it is constructive, helps us to adapt and to move with agility in response to changing circumstances and conditions. It enriches public debate and gives us all a broader understanding of the issues at play,” he writes.

The President writes that the government’s current priority is ensuring that they save as many lives as possible and does so in accordance to the rights explained in the Constitution.

He concludes his letter saying that the varying opinions and expression is indicative of “the good health of our democracy” and says it plays an important role in overcoming the effects that the coronavirus has on the South African society.