Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa Updates Citizens on Day 4 of Lockdown


On Monday, President Cyril Ramaphosa gave South Africans a COVID-19 update as day 4 of the nationwide lockdown came to an end.

In his address, the President announced the death of 3 South Africans while reiterating the importance of the nationwide lockdown. More than 30 000 lives around the world has been lost.

He continued saying hospitals and medical staff are under tremendous stress. South Africa currently has 1326 confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Ramaphosa thanked those who are acting in a disciplined manner throughout the lockdown.

He urged South Africans to stay home for the next 17 days and to only leave home for essential provisions. 

“Make sure to do everything you can when you go out not to get infected or infect anyone else,” said President Ramaphosa. 

A new phase in the fight against the coronavirus

Ramaphosa announced that mass screening and testing programs will be released.

  • 10 000 field workers will be visiting homes in towns and villages alike, for testing. 
  • People with severe symptoms will be transferred to hospital.
  • People infected who are ,showing mild symptoms will remain in isolation at home.
  • Cellphones will be used to track the virus and those have been in contact with the virus.
  • Mobile services will be used to track the virus. 

“Let us not make the mistake of thinking this does not affect us. The next 17 days will be difficult for everyone, parents, elderly, workers and the country as a whole is worried. We are all experiencing great hardship at this time.”

He continued saying, “I am convinced that we will succeed, because we will take this Coronavirus threat seriously, we will adapt as a society, and we will all act responsibly. If we work together, if we keep to the path we know we have to take, we will beat this disease.”