Premier League Clubs Allowed to Resume Training

Source: Unsplash

On Tuesday Premier League football clubs in England return to training following a unanimous decision made by the shareholders on Monday.

In their statement, the Premier League announced that this is the first action towards resuming league matches once they have the go-ahead. Teams are required to apply social distancing during training and thus no contact between players will be allowed. The League says that they will continue to prioritise the health of all members involved.

Some of the health and safety measures in place during training will include temperature testing, prohibited use of canteens and showers, a maximum of five players allowed on the pitch at a time and bi-weekly tests for Covid-19.

While 12 June has been proposed as the start of matches, Chief executive Richard Masters says they are currently in a step-by-step process and do not want to constantly announce date changes until they are able to confidently confirm a return to league matches.

Masters says that discussions around training protocols will take place next week. They will also be conducting discussions with clubs on what they believe is required to help players return to their top-form and full contact training.

At the time of the league’s suspension on 13 March, 92 fixtures still needed to be played to complete the season.