Police have confirmed that a formal complaint is yet to be laid against two prominent Bo-Kaap men who have been exposed by a young woman for alleged sexual abuse.

Western Cape police spokesperson Noloyiso Rwexana said: “Please be advised that there is no one who reported a criminal case to the police at this stage.” Police will only take action once a case has been made against the two men.

In a YouTube video titled, “Exposing Pedophilia by Community Leaders in Cape Town”, the young woman alleges she was sexually abused by her grandfather throughout her childhood, since the age of five. She goes on to expose her grandfather’s twin brother for allegedly sexually abusing other girls in Bo-Kaap.

She continues to explain how reluctant she was to release the video after being silenced and told to “let it go” when she tried to expose the men in the past.

A description below the video post reads: “G….t and G…..n have abused countless girls over (the past) 50+ years. Their professions in education, their standing in the community and their reputation as pious family men gave them easy access to children. This video was made as an appeal to keep children safe because the abuse hasn’t stopped. Due to threats and bullying we have cropped the video but we hope the message stands.”

The Bo-Kaap Civic and Ratepayers’ Association has since removed the alleged perpetrators from all positions they had been serving in for the community.

A statement from the association reads: “It is with deep sadness that we have received this news and want to unequivocally state our support for the young woman. We will be removing the alleged perpetrators from all positions that they currently hold and ask the community to allow the law to take its course.”

One of the accused – the young woman’s grandfather – has also been suspended from the Education Board of the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC).

MJC president Irafaan Abrahams said, “We condemn all acts of sexual molestation and abuse of women and children. Crimes of this nature are abominable, and the processes of the law must be fully instituted. Our sympathy goes out to all who are suffering from any form of violence.”

According to reports, one of the alleged perpetrators denied the allegations, saying they are “wild, unsubstantiated and untrue”.

On Thursday evening, protesters took to the Bo-Kaap streets to show their support for the young woman, calling for the silence around gender-based violence to be broken.

The silent protest ended at the home of one of the accused.

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