Police Officers Involved in Nathaniel Julies Murder Case Shifts Blame on Each Other


On Tuesday police officers involved in the murder case of sixteen-year-old Nathaniel Julies from Eldorado Park, Simon ‘Scorpion’ Ndyalvane, Caylene Whiteboy, and Voster Netshiongolo appeared in the Protea Magistrate’s Court.

According to reports, in his affidavit, Sergeant Ndyalvane, 46, allegedly claims that the second accused, Constable Whiteboy, 23, was responsible for firing the shot that killed the teenager. However, Whiteboy reportedly alluded that she was being framed by Ndyalvane. It is alleged that Whiteboy has received death threats from Ndyavane if she did not present a statement that corroborates that of his.

Whiteboy’s legal representatives reportedly said that their client did not intend to kill Nathaniel. In her affidavit, Whiteboy said that she was unaware that the firearm was loaded with live ammunition. She said that she was under the impression it was instead loaded with rubber bullets, as was the case when she used it earlier that day. Whiteboy’s lawyers reportedly added that she had only recently completed her training and that she would act on instructions from her senior, Ndyalvane.

During their court appearance, the three police officers argued that they do not pose risks to society and should be granted bail.