Police Constable Among Seven Suspects Arrested In Bellville

Picture: Pixabay.com

A constable has been arrested along with six other suspects after a tip-off spurred a police operation in Bellville.

Western Cape police spokesperson Andrè Traut said Bellville Police Station officers acted after being informed that five suspects from KwaZulu-Natal were on their way to Cape Town to commit business robberies on Thursday.

Western Cape Provincial Commissioner Lt Gen. Yolisa Matakata has commended the officers for their work.

Traut said: “In a concerted pursuit to bring an end to violent crime in this province, members of Bellville SAPS reacted on a tip-off and conducted a clandestine operation which led to the arrest of seven suspects for the possession of two prohibited firearms this morning.”

He said information received from an anonymous source indicated that five suspects were due to arrive in Bellville on a long distance bus from KwaZulu-Natal with the intention to commit business robberies.

“The bus stop was placed under observation and the arrival of the suspects was monitored. They were collected by two suspects in two separate vehicles, a Toyota and a Kia. With their departure both vehicles were stopped and searched, which led to the discovery of the two firearms without serial numbers.”

Traut said the suspect driving the Kia was identified as an off-duty police constable stationed at Ravensmead police station.

“Once charged, all seven suspects are expected to make their court appearance in Bellville to face the charges against them. The Provincial Commissioner of the Western Cape commended the members for bringing the suspects to book, thereby preventing violent armed robberies from occurring. The Provincial Commissioner further vowed that there
is no place in SAPS for police officials who commit crime.”

He said the arrested police constable is subject to an internal disciplinary process.