Police Brutality Under the Spotlight Again After Man Dies in Elsies River Police Custody

Picture: Facebook, @LeeroyOliphant
Police brutality has increasingly come under the spotlight as more and more people die in custody. The most recent probe came after the death of Leeroy Oliphant while in Elsies River police custody. 

Oliphant, who had been out on parole after serving two months for motor vehicle theft, was arrested by Anti-Gang Unit members on Tuesday 8 September. According to reports, they stormed into his wendy house, beat him up and then took him in.

His landlord, Anita Goliath, told eNCA she could hear him being beaten up. She says about two hours later the officers came to her house and said Leeroy had been taken to a nearby day hospital.

According to a family member, one of the security guards at the hospital said Oliphant was already dead when he arrived at the hospital. The family believes Oliphant was killed in police custody.

There is still no confirmation about why police were looking for Oliphant or why he was arrested.

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) is looking into the incident. Ipid says it is currently investigating an estimated 2,500 cases in the Western Cape alone.