Non-Clinical Areas at Tygerberg Hospital Closed Down Following Inspection by Dept of Labour and Hospersa

Picture: Supplied

CEO of Tygerberg Hospital, Dr Dimitri Erasmas, says that an order was issued for four non-clinical areas to be closed, including the kitchen, with immediate effect, following an inspection by the Department of Labour and health workers’ unions.

Tygerberg hospital is one of South Africa’s largest COVID-19 hospitals, however, it has been labelled as a “breeding and killing field” in recent weeks after three hundred of the hospital’s staff members have tested positive for the Coronavirus.

The hospital has been given a contravention notice for having no risk assessment plan in place. Its management has 7 days to draw up a plan outlining the measures in place to ensure the staff and patients’ safety.

The notice was issued on Monday followed by a joint inspection conducted by the Department of Employment and Labour’s provincial chief inspector, David Esau, union representatives from the Federation of Unions of South Africa (Fedusa) and the Health and Other Services Personnel Trade Union of South Africa (Hospersa).

“The hospital was found to have a high level of non-compliance ranging from poor sanitation, lack/inappropriate personal protective equipment and poor social distancing, considering they work extensively with Covid-19 patients,”

“It’s indeed a great disappointment that a health facility does not conform to these processes, considering they are specialists in the field”, said Esau.

Provincial chairperson of Hospersa, Gerald Lotriet, said they will be inspecting the hospital on a continuous basis to make sure they adhere to the protocols of hospital and public safety.

Provincial health spokesperson Mark van der Heever said that the four areas in the hospital that were closed have been sterilized and cleaned thoroughly and are expected to function again.