New Zealand and Germany Start Easing Lockdown Regulations


Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Arden, announced that some lockdown measures will be relaxed from next week onwards, while Germany has already eased its restrictions and allowed for certain shops to open.

In New Zealand, the adjustments include the opening of schools and businesses and local travel will be possible too. Weddings, funerals and some traditional Māori ceremonies are allowed, given that attendance is not more than 10.

Arden said they are able to do this as a wave of devastation has been stopped. Furthermore, they have one of the lowest COVID-19 related mortality rates and the country’s transmission rate is currently 0.48, which is much lower than the 2.5 global average.

New Zealand has been able to test 85 000 citizens, one of the highest testing rates per capita.

Germany has reportedly allowed for stores to reopen this week, with restrictions of no more than 2 customers per 30qm. Schools and hair salons are reopening on 4 May. However, public gatherings of more than two people remain prohibited and wearing cloth masks are encouraged.

Large public events will only be allowed from September onward, while bars, restaurants, theatres and religious gatherings remain closed.