New Hotel Sky boasts over 30 metre high thrill ride and AI staff

Picture: Hotel Sky SA
Cape Town’s brand new hotel, Hotel Sky, opened in the 28-floor high Metlife Centre which was formerly an office block and is one of the highest buildings on the foreshore. 

The hotel 535 rooms and has an Artificially Intelligent robot staff with a restaurant on the 26th floor and an over 30metre high thrill ride on the 28th floor. Rooms start at R795 per night with breakfast included.

In an interview with Cape Talk, hotel owner, Paul Kelley said stats show that more than 50% of South Africans have never seen or been to Cape Town. This was why they decided to bring the hotel to market at an affordable rate.

Speaking on the robot staff, Kelley said they are simply concierge services and does room service among other things in the hotel. He said the robots do not replace people.

The highlight at the hotel seems to be the ‘Sky High Ride’.

“On the 28th floor, we have what we call the Sky-High Ride, one of only three in the world… It extends 35-metres above the building. You jump in… and you get dropped… It’s open to guests and the public.”

Kelley says the project created 200 jobs with an investment of over R1 billion into the city’s economy.