National Traders Liquor Council Want Relief From Government for Tavern Owners


The National Traders Liquor Council says it wants financial relief for tavern owners, as it insists it wasn’t consulted about the recent suspension of alcohol sales.

The council says there will be dire consequences for its more than 34,000 tavern owners and shebeen permit holders.

“We want the president to consider a R20,000 once-off payment to tavern owners,” the council’s Lucky Ntimane said. “We also want there to be a moratorium on license fees.”

Ntimane said the council is requesting an urgent meeting with President Cyril Ramaphosa.  

“Surely he (President Ramaphosa) cannot ignore a sector that contributes over 6% of the economy,” Ntimane said.

Without any clear indication of how long the suspension will remain in place, many tavern owners say they’ll have to find other means of making a living to sustain their families.