Windows open! says Golden Arrow Bus Services


The age-old debate concerning windows has been put to rest. Covid has decided. The windows will remain open.

In a Facebook statement on Tuesday 15 December, The Golden Arrow Bus Services pleaded with passengers to keep the windows open. The statement read:

APPEAL TO PASSENGERS: The fight over whether to open or close windows probably dates back to the first horse-drawn carriage, but it’s time to end the argument once and for all. There really is no valid reason for not opening them. Worried about your hair – wear a scarf. Cold – bring a jersey. Any slight discomfort is far outweighed by the benefits of a well-ventilated bus. We cannot be on every bus checking every window, so please help us to do the right thing and keep them open.

Covid-19 cases are on a steady incline in the Western Cape. Officially experiencing the second wave, the Cape Metro narrowly escaped further restrictions after the President’s national address on Monday evening.

The statement by GABS is their effort to reduce the spread of the virus while people commute.