[WATCH] Shopping centre manager under fire for telling Clicks customer in traditional attire to leave the store

Picture: Unsplash.com

Clicks is once again in the middle of some controversy. However, this time they are not the cause of it. Yesterday afternoon, customer Thando Mahlangu – dressed in traditional Ndebele attire – was told by Midrand’s Boulders Shopping Centre Manager to leave the store as his attire was not “decent”.

In the now viral video shared by Mahlangu, Maponyane can be heard saying “Let’s cut the whole story short, we’ve got the right of admission. I don’t condone this in my mall. So, ngicela uphume (please leave).”

A woman filming the incident responded to Maponyane’s harsh request and said, “This is Africa. You can’t tell someone what to do or what to wear at which mall.”

Clicks responded to the incident and made it clear that they did not ask Mahlangu to leave the store.

“The Centre Manager of Boulders and the Boulders Centre security demanded that the customer leave.

“Our store manager intervened and asked the Centre Manager to leave. The customer was allowed to continue shopping.”

The company added that they were embarrassed by Maponyane’s behaviour and will be putting in a formal complaint.