Upington SAPS recues mother and children allegedly being held captive on a farm

Image: pixabay.com

A 40-year-old man was arrested yesterday for allegedly abusing his wife and her three children and holding them captive on a farm in Keimoes.

“A family member of the victim who resides in Despatch in Mpumalanga contacted the Provincial Head of the FCS units in the Northern Cape, Brigadier Nicky Mills on 17 March 2021 and reported that the victim and her children were allegedly being abused and kept against their will on a farm in Keimoes,” Colonel Mashay Gamieldien stated.

According to Gamieldien, there have been reports of the woman being emotionally abused, her 15-year-old daughter being sexually abused, and 10-year-old son being assaulted by their stepfather.

Arriving on the scene, the team discovered the suspect in possession of a 6.35 mm pistol with the serial number filed off and a homemade shotgun.


Picture: Supplied

SAPS officials also discovered 508 rounds of 9mm ammunition, 60 rounds of 6.35mm ammunition, five R5 magazines and 4 x 9mm magazines.

“The suspect was arrested and charged for unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition as well as for contravening the Family Violence Act including emotional abuse, sexual abuse and assault,” said Gamieldien.

The woman and her children were removed from the farm by members of the Kakamas FCS Unit and placed in a shelter where they will receive the necessary support and assistance.

The suspect will appear in the Keimoes Magistrates Court soon.

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