Uber is on the go with new UberGo option

Picture: @Uber_RSA, Twitter

Uber SA has announced a low cost ride service called UberGo. This budget e-hailing service is now available throughout South Africa. 

It would seem the success of the UberGo launch in Port Elizabeth in 2017 spurred the expansion. 

‘We have decided to change the name of UberNam to UberGo, in order to follow the global Uber standard and to easily expand this option across South Africa,’ said UberSA. 

UberGo drivers will be using smaller, better fuel efficient vehicles. This means it will be more affordable for riders. They will also have the same door-to-door safety features like the in-app emergency button, Injury Protection, 24/7 support, as well as the driver background checks and screenings.

So, when you open up your Uber app, the new product will be displayed along with UberX and UberBlack as an option.