Two elderly women found dead after going off Herolds Bay cliff

Picture: Supplied

Police detectives are currently investigating the circumstances that led to the death of two elderly women at Voëlklip at Herolds Bay on Saturday, 20 February. 

Emergency services were dispatched to the scene at about 18:45 on Saturday, 20 February 2021 after a member of the public alerted the police about a vehicle that went down a cliff. A search and rescue operation resulted in the retrieval of the bodies of two women, aged 75, at about 03:50 on Sunday, 21 February 2021. They sustained serious injuries and were declared dead by paramedics on scene. The vehicle was retrieved from the rocks just after 10:00 on Sunday morning,” says Sergeant Christopher Spies.

Spies says that preliminary investigation shows that the two women were from Krugersdorp and arrived in George on Wednesday, 17 February. At the time of the incident, the two were booked into a Herolds Bay guesthouse.

An inquest docket case has been opened for investigation. Police say that autopsies will be done this week to determine the cause of death.

A month ago, VK News reported that a mother and two children died after their vehicle plunged off the same cliff in Herolds Bay.

Spies says that police are in contact with the deceased’s next of kin as the investigation continues.


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