Three initiates shot dead in Eastern Cape


A manhunt has been launched after three young initiates between the ages of 19 and 20 were discovered dead on Saturday at an initiation school in Tsomo, Eastern Cape.

According to a statement released by SAPS, a 72 hour reaction plan has been activated. A task team has been assembled and all its team members are “already hot on the heels and in search of leads and combing for clues that can result in the arrest of suspect/suspects behind three murders.”

Police spokesperson, Captain Khaya Tonjeni, said that the initiates were last seen on News Year’s Day around 18:00. They were discovered on Saturday, 2 January 2021 around 08:00 in a traditional initiation hut.

The three male victims were found fatally wounded with gunshot wounds on their upper bodies.

An eNCA article states that their bodies were discovered on Sunday by a group of boys taking food to them.

Eastern Cape Traditional Affairs spokesperson, Mamnkeli Ngam, the motive behind the killings is still unclear.

“We can’t have a situation where we are teaching our children to be responsible men in society and people are killing them. This is bad to discover that there are people that are disrespectful and are using vulnerable kids as victims as they have done,” Ngam told the publication.

In the meantime, three murder cases have been opened.

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