The bodies of 3 boys found in stormwater trench

Picture: Flooding as reported by @CityTshwane, Twitter

The bodies of three young boys have been found in a trench created by stormwater on Saturday in Hammanskraal, Johannesburg.

Over the past 48 hours Johannesburg has experienced quite a bit of heavy rainfall. In parts of the city there are mop-up operations underway due to flooding and damaged caused from the rain.

In the midst of it, the bodies of three young boys – a nine-year-old and two ten-year-olds – have been found in an incomplete stormwater trench in Hammanskraal on Saturday, reports EWN.

It is reported that the trench was created as a result of the heavy rainfall. At this time, it is not clear how the boys ended up in the trench. Authorities stated that the bodies were found by bystanders.

The Tshwane Emergency Services stated that an investigation into this tragic incident has been launched.

Emergency services has also stated that the rain has caused major traffic backblocks, flooded roads and bridges, vehicles stuck in water, uprooted trees and flooded houses.

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  1. It would be good to know how councils are supported by government to invest more in preventative measures to avoid yearly seasonal flooding across the country…

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