Stalker who robbed woman of her house keys, found in her house the next day

Picture: @_ArriveAlive, Twitter

On Wednesday, a 23-year-old KZN woman was robbed at gunpoint of her handbag which contained her cellphone, cash and house keys. The very next day, she was shocked to find the assailant in her Oaklands home.

According to Arrive Alive, the woman’s brother contacted Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) at approximately 19:31. He requested their assistance after the woman called him from an unfamiliar number stating the man who had robbed her yesterday morning was in their home.

“The call then ended and attempts to call her back were unsuccessful. Her brother believed that his sister’s life was in danger,” reported the NGO.

Once Reaction Officers arrived on the scene, they found the woman visibly shaken. She then told them that once she arrived home after work, she took a shower and nap.

The NGO continued to state that when she awoke, she went outside to collect water from a Jojo tank.

“As she entered her home she noticed the trap door leading into the ceiling had been moved. When she peered into the passage she saw the suspect in her bedroom. He ran towards her and attempted to grab her gown. She fled from the house towards the road screaming for help. Residents went to her aid and assisted her with a phone to call her brother.”

The officers conducted an internal check of the house and ceiling but failed to locate the suspect.

“The female was adamant that the suspect had used the stolen keys to enter her home prior to her arriving from work . . . He then hid in the ceiling and waited for darkness before he confronted her,” concluded the NGO.

The woman’s brother believes that the suspect was from the area and identified her during the robbery.

The suspect’s intentions are still unknown.