SPCA to relocate beloved baboon Kataza to rehab centre in Limpopo

Picture: @CapeofGoodHopeSPCA, Facebook

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA announced on Monday that the beloved baboon Kataza, also known as SK11, will be relocated to the Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Limpopo following a permit granted by Cape Nature last week. 

“The Cape of Good Hope SPCA has always maintained that Kataza’s relocation back to Slangkop was not in his best interest as he would face the same challenges reintegrating with his natal troop as he faced in Tokai and that his raiding behaviour would continue unless he was rehabilitated before being released into the wild,” the organisation said in a statement last week.

The SPCA reported that Kataza, as anticipated, did not reintegrate with his natal troop and that an escalation in his raiding behaviour has compromised his safety and that of surrounding communities.

Kataza was darted on Monday and is currently being held at a place of safety and will undergo various health tests to ensure that he is in good health before the move.

“The translocation is, unfortunately, the only option in Kataza’s best welfare interest. Kataza has continued to raid residential homes and failed to integrate with any of the baboon troops in his close vicinity. His life was in danger as he spent most of his time in the urban area. Residents threatened to harm and kill him, with an incident of gunshots fired at him reported to us,” the SPCA says.

At the Riverside Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Kataza will gradually be introduced into a new troop in a semi-wild environment where his progress will be monitored.

The SPCA has also called on the expeditious amendment of baboon protocols within the City of Cape Town to ensure the welfare of baboons in the Cape Metropole.