Son in court for murder of his 53-year-old mother


Ms Ncamisile Zondi (53) from Luganda, Emasayithini was last seen on 23 December 2020 and reported missing three days later. Her body was discovered by community members in a long-drop toilet. 

Soon after the missing person report was lodged, members of the community started searching for her. Community members alerted police officers from Marianhill on 29 December 2020, after their search for the missing woman led them to a long-drop toilet situated in her yard. The toilet was covered with sand.

The community members removed the walls of the toilet and as they began digging they noticed clothing and bedding which seemed to be stuffed into the toilet. They then noticed a peculiar smell emanating from the toilet and this is when they alerted the police officers.

The Marianhall police officers contacted the Search and Rescue Team for further assistance on the scene.

In a combined effort, the teams recovered the still recognisable body of the deceased. The items of clothing and bedding found in the long-drop had visible bloodstains.

SAPS used forced entry to access the two-roomed house of the deceased. The house seemed to be in order besides the bedding which was removed. It was confirmed that the missing bedding was the same items found in the long-drop.

Neighbours said that the victim’s estranged son returned to live with her six months ago. It was further discovered that the deceased had recently received her stokvel monies. She had intended to use the funds to cover her trip to Bulwer, from where she originated.

Her son was last seen before Christmas 2020, when he told neighbours that he was going to a camp EBuhleni in Inanda. After an exhaustive investigation, on Saturday 20 March 2021, the Mariannhill Detectives received information that the suspect (30) was at Luganda.

The detectives acted swiftly and were able to locate and arrest the suspect who will appear in the Pinetown Magistrates’ Court today on charges of murder.