Search for two-year-old girl continues after her mother’s vehicle crashed down cliff

Picture: Supplied

Rescue officials are searching for the little girl, after a mother and her two children crashed down a cliff and two of them landed into the ocean in Herolds Bay on Thursday.

“Preliminary investigation reveals that the driver of a white Fiat, with two occupants, drove over the cliff, but an 8-year-old boy managed to disembark from the vehicle. Unfortunately, the 34-year-old driver, mother of both occupants, as well as the 2-year-old girl disappeared in the water,” Captain Pojie says.

ER24 paramedics speculate that before crashing off the cliff, the vehicle rolled and the boy was able to escape.

“The eight-year-old boy is safe, he sustained mild injuries and he is receiving medical treatment,”  Spokesperson for the Emergency Medical Services, Deanna Bessick, says.

The body of the children’s mother was recovered by NSRI and police divers. The mother, unfortunately, sustained fatal injuries.

Police divers and emergency personnel will continue the search on land and sea, in the vicinity of Voëlklip as well as the Herolds Bay beach area.

An inquest docket has been opened by the George police and the circumstances surrounding the crash is being investigated.