SASSA Explains Why Only 10 People Received the R350 Covid-19 Grant

Source: Facebook, Department of Social Development

During a parliamentary meeting on Thursday, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) confirmed that only ten people were paid the R350 Covid-19 grant.

This grant has been allocated for unemployed citizens who would not be receiving any income, UIF payment or any other social grant.

The Democratic Alliance’s shadow minister of social development, Bridget Masango, says that SASSA has not met the 15 May 2020 deadline. Proving that they do not have proper management over the Social Relief of Distress grant.

Masango further said that while they understand that it is a strenuous process to work through millions of applications, it is unacceptable that only ten applicants received their payments. Masango says that this is a failure for Minister of Social Development, Lindiwe Zulu, and SASSA.

On Friday, CEO of SASSA, Busisiwe Memela-Khambula, said in an interview with SAFM that a test trial was run with the ten recipients to ensure the system ran smoothly.

Memela-Khambula says that they received 4.5 million applications, of which 2.6 million were verified. The CEO says that the process has taken long because they have had to check whether other social grants were already allocated to the applicants and wait on feedback from SARS to check if they were earning a salary.

SASSA confirmed that by Friday evening, 100 000 applicants received messages to confirm they can be paid and should load their bank account details.

Memela-Khambula says that the system will operate differently to other social grants, as it will run continuously instead of being paid on allocated dates and that with time, the process will become more efficient.


  1. A 100000 out off 4.5 million it sounds like a new illness to me it’s slower than covid 19 in it self.I applied and no response from anybody or any department.

  2. Bank account. ID’s, prof of address or smart phone. Interesting list if requirements for thr most vulnerable. Do I assume the homeless are then excluded. And if your bank account was closed due to insufficient activity, well then, sorry for you…

  3. I also qualify 100% but has not heard anything from them yet. I begin to wonder if it is also BEE based???

  4. I applied the May 15th 2020 using the ussd.,shown error I wen through Whatsapp aswell. I did not receive any messages or approval.. Its this a Bee situation as we would be last in the row waiting to receive funds to feed my family.

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