New R2 coin in circulation

Picture: SAgovnews, Twitter

The circulation of a new R2 coin has been announced by the South African Mint – an agency of the South African Reserve Bank.

The coin is a limited edition with just 5 000 coins available.  The design of the nickel-plated copper coin is a result of a competition that took place in 2019.

“In September 2019, the South African Mint invited the public to enter designs for the reverse side of a new R2 coin, depicting one of the remaining rights from the Bill of Rights, not already commemorated on the previous SA25 coins,” said the South African Mint.

The winner was a senior graphic designer from Pretoria, Esta Quirk, who chose to focus on Section 12 of the Bill of Rights, informed the agency.

“The 2020 R2 commemorative coin completes the 2019 range of coins, and depicts the ‘right to freedom and security of the person’.”

The design of the reverse side shows a mother and her daughter walking freely in nature. “The daughter is holding a sunflower, which is magical in its ability to move its head toward the sun, resonant of the resilience, optimism and hopefulness of the young,” the agency stated.

The obverse side of the coin features the nation’s coat of arms and includes the date of issue – 2020 – as well as “South Africa” written in English and Sepedi/Sesotho.

The agency noted that the coin is not available in circulation. “It is uncirculated quality and packaged in a sealed blister pack, not to be confused with the circulation version found in change.”


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