Motshekga says “an educated man won’t rape” comment was taken out of context

Picture: @GovernmentZA, Facebook

A comment made by Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, while addressing learners at a high school in Pretoria yesterday has sparked an uproar in the media surrounding the issue of Gender Based Violence (GBV).

While addressing the learners during a welcoming of re-opening of schools, Mostshekga prompted to educate the learners about GBV and commented that “an educated man won’t rape”.

The comment didn’t sit well with some learners and sparked an uproar in the media questioning whether or not Motshekga was fit enough to preserve her position as the Minister of Basic Education.

In a statement, Motshekga said that the comment was taken out of context and that she was merely educating the learners about GBV and develop them to become better people.

“Rape is indeed about power, hence the Department has programmes to educate the
boy child to appreciate the importance of how to deal with power relations between
men and women from a young age. Therefore, my remarks must not be taken out of
the context of educating children to develop them to become better people”.

Motshekga stated that she did not want to engage in a debate with the learners based on their responses to her comment as her purpose came from a position of encouraging learners to be educated about GBV and women abuse.

Motshekga further stated that men need to be educated about power, patriarchy and negative or toxic masculinity, and power relations which are also important in the fight against rape.

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  1. Nou het ek wragtag als gehoor!

    Not only is this woman highly incapable of improving education standards but she seriously lacks the acumen and tenacity and leadership skills to improve education.

    This woman is not equipped to preach to pupils about such sensitive topics in an open forum let alone in the presence of intelligence young people.

    Can I also address the fact about the gross inequality still existing in not only the physical state of schools on the Cape Flats and Township schools but the continuing low standards of delivering a sub-standard education system, further disenfranchising our young people still stuck in a stagnant Apartheid built vast shameful Cape Flats region with classes of 50-65+ in a class!


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