Matric Maths Paper II leaked


It has been reported that the Matric Maths Paper II which was scheduled to be written Monday morning, was leaked. The revelation was made mere hours before students were meant to start writing.

In a statement released this morning, the Department of Basic Education said it wasn’t sure how the leak occurred. It seems that pupils residing in Limpopo and Gauteng may have had access to the paper.

Appears to be located in the Limpopo and Gauteng 

EWN reported that the DBE is currently investigating the extent of the leak. Early reports indicate that matric pupils who had access to the paper appeared to be located in the Limpopo and Gauteng.

Deputy Minister of Education, Dr. Reginah Mhaule, in a Twitter post, shared the DBE media statement about the leak and on behalf of the DBE wrote, “We are very disappointed that the Mathematics Paper II has leaked. We are still investigating the origins of the leak and want to assure the public that the perpetrators of this act will [be] dealt with harshly.”

The Department has guaranteed anonymity to anyone who comes forward with any information.