Watch: Massive explosion at Engen oil refinery


There has been a massive explosion at Engen’s oil refinery south of Durban this morning as residents and onlookers took to social media after a loud bang was heard in Manor Gardens, Glenwood and Pinetown.

Videos, photos and comments have been posted on Twitter, some which include:

Jarryd Subroyen: “The Fire Department has worked to extinguish flames, following an explosion at the Engen Oil Refinery along Tara Road, Durban. The plant has been vacated, with 6 workers having since been treated for smoke inhalation. No injuries or fatalities reported yet.”

Craig Jacobs: “Hectic. Massive explosion at the Engen Oil Refinery in Wentworth, Durban.”

Xoli Mngambi: “Smoke billows above people’s homes on the Bluff, Durban, after an explosion at the Engen Refinery early on Friday. Residents living nearby have long complained about the oil plant being a “health hazard” because of the fumes which make it hard to breathe.”

No injuries or deaths have been reported and Engen management have not yet released a statement. The Durban refinery has a crude refining capacity of 120 000 barrels per day – the second-largest crude refinery in South Africa, according to the oil manufacturer’s website.