KZN woman attempts suicide by consuming sanitiser


A 40-year-old mother from Phoenix in KwaZulu-Natal has reportedly consumed sanitiser, along with tablets, in a suicide attempt yesterday.

The Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) was called to her residence after her twin daughters (13) witnessed the incident, Arrive Alive reports.

The woman is said to have filled an empty bottle of Klipdrift (750ml) with hand sanitiser and a handful of unidentified tablets.

RUSA responders found the woman in a conscious yet disoriented state. The 40-year-old woman was privately transported to a hospital.

Picture: @_ArriveAlive, Twitter

Many South Africans have found themselves negatively affected by pandemic with the added financial burden on already stressful times. According to the woman’s 13-year-old twins, their mother was experiencing financial difficulties and this may have been the motive behind the traumatic incident.