KZN commuter allegedly raped at gunpoint by taxi driver and conductor

Picture: @_ArriveAlive, Twitter

A 25-year-old woman was allegedly raped at gunpoint yesterday by a taxi driver and conductor driving a Toyota Hiace while travelling to visit her boyfriend.

She was allegedly dumped in a cane field after the pair performed the heinous crime, reported Arrive Alive.

“The Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) Operations Center received a call from a passing motorist at approximately 15:06 requesting assistance after he was flagged down by the woman on the northbound lane of the N2 in the vicinity of Sibaya Casino,” stated the NGO.

Once Reaction Officers and Medics arrived at the scene, they found the overwrought woman seated in the emergency lane.

“The driver and conductor assured her that they were proceeding [to Stanger, the area in which her boyfriend lived],” the NGO reports.

“As they left Durban, KZN she questioned the two as to why there were no other passengers in the minibus. The conductor then placed a cloth over her face and asked her to remain silent. She was driven to a cane field where both men took turns raping her at gunpoint. They then drove off and left her behind.”

No arrests have yet been made.