Investigation into food poisoning incident at Gauteng high school

Image: @EducationGP1, Twitter

Gauteng Education MEC, Mr Panyaza Lesufi, sanctioned an investigation after it was reported that about 203 learners at a high school in Winterveld suffered from food poisoning earlier this week.

It is reported that the learners consumed food during an interval on Tuesday (16 March 2021). On the following day, however, several learners in a specific classroom complained about having a stomach bug and not being able to sleep the previous night.

“About 203 learners who consumed that food had all experienced stomach pains and they were rushed to several health facilities to receive medical attention. Fortunately, all the learners were discharged in the evening,” said Lesufi.

Lesufi visited the school on Thursday to discuss the matter surrounding the incident with management and district officials. He also took the time to apologise to the learners for the incident.

The MEC concluded his statement with, “What happened yesterday is just unfortunate. I met with the students and they explained what happened. I also met with the people who were cooking. The leadership of the school, the district and I have taken samples to laboratories and as such I am waiting for the outcome of those samples.

The department has advised the school to serve only fruits, porridge and other ready-made food until the results of the samples are received.

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