How would you rate Cyril Ramaphosa’s presidency over the past three years?

Picture: @GovernmentZA, Twitter

It is no secret that South Africa is a country that holds a lot of potential. However – with the stressors of the pandemic and continuation of lockdown – citizens feel that government may be jumping further and further into a rabbit hole.

Curious about what the public thought of the current presidency, this week’s VK News poll posed the question: “How would you rate Cyril Ramaphosa’s presidency over the past 3 years?”

After receiving responses from 5585 participants, 61% were in favour of Uncle Cyril doing a great job compared to 39% who voted that he has no idea what he’s doing.

These responses are strikingly similar to another survey done in 2019 by Ipsos, where public opinion resulted in 62% of public opinion that Cyril was doing a good job as a president and 39% voted that there is no political party representing their views.



Here’s what our fellow South Africans had to say:

“Truth is it’s somewhere in between. His handling of the virus has been hit and miss but not because of him. If we had followed the guidelines set out by him and the government we could’ve been a lot closer to reopening everything like NZ and Aus but because South Africans would rather believe the former US Nik Nak we still stuck in this . . .”

While someone else asked, “Is there an in-between option?”

“I fear many will just focus on his pandemic response and not factor in the colossal failure with regards to our women and children’s safety. Then there’s the corruption that has really never been dealt with.”

What can be deduced from the public, who voted and responded, is that although the majority thinks that Cyril Ramaphosa has done a good job, most people are not satisfied with the state of certain things.

What are your thoughts on Ramaphosa’s presidency so far?

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