Hotels and wine farms to benefit from updated lockdown rules


After issuing the latest regulations last week, government has gazetted updated rules, on Thursday evening. The new lockdown rules bring good news to the hospitality industry and wine farms. 

Business Insider SA reports that hotels (and other accommodation establishments) are now allowed to go to full capacity and wine farms may now sell on Sundays, among other things.

The publication reports that previously the hospitality industry was not allowed to go to full capacity, but rather use 50% of their available room to accommodate guests.

Due to complaints from the industry, the new lockdown rules are working in their favour.

Guests will have to keep in mind that they should stay one and a half metres away from each other.

Along with this new rule, loud music is not permitted in the conferencing, dining, entertainment and bar facilities of the establishments, says the publication.

The establishments are also to have a maximum of 100 people inside their shared facilities and a maximum of 250 people for outdoor gatherings.

With regards to the wine farms, these establishments are now permitted to sell on Sundays. They would also need to comply with the closing times curfew for restaurants and bars at 22:00.

Although these are the new rules for the wine farms, regular liquor retail stores are still to comply with the lockdown rules by not selling on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.