Fourteen Coronavirus Patients Discharged in Lady Frere


According to the provincial health department, fourteen of 16 coronavirus patients admitted to Glen Grey Hospital in Lady Frere almost two weeks ago, has been discharged.

They were reportedly discharged on their 11th day in the hospital. Eastern Cape Health Department spokesperson, Sizwe Kupelo said: “Two others are still under quarantine in hospital and will spend seven more days being treated.”

The patients were said to have been admitted from a bed and breakfast in Cala, where they had been in quarantine.

Health MEC Sindiswa Gomba said numbers made available on Tuesday morning indicated that 25 people in the province had recovered from the virus. She continued to say that there was a major increase in recoveries.

“These recoveries once again prove what we have been saying – there might be no vaccine yet but testing positive is not a death sentence,” Gomba said in a statement.

“More people will continue testing positive as the worst is yet to come. But our dedicated workers are ready, willing, and able to deal with this outbreak. As such, more people will recover from this virus so we need more people to be tested so they can be treated,” Gomba said in a statement.